Open Participation

participation by all groups and networks is encouraged

Community Resources

resources for users, repeater owners, and administrators

Responsible Experimentation

experimentation with new features and methods is encouraged

DMRX is a community of amateur radio operators who wish to experiment and explore with the DMR digital voice and data mode of operation. In addition, we provide services for the community such as DMRX Watch, formerly known as, the DMRX Core, formerly NATS, and multiple user and repeater database and reporting functions.

The services provided by DMRX have hosting costs which add up to $100 per month, please help support DMRX by donating via the link below.

DMRX Watch

DMRX Watch is a last heard list for the DMR community which displays the obvious information that you would expect and also includes signal strength, loss information, and is completely sortable and filterable. Additionally, we produce reports of the Top 10 users, repeaters, talkgroups, and networks, based on talk time. We are constantly adding new functionality to Watch based on suggestions and feedback from the community. If you have a suggestion on how to make it better, let us know!


The DMRX Core is a pair of redundant cBridge devices dedicated to transporting talkgroups to and from other cBridges which provide connectivity to repeaters. The goal of the core is to ensure that a simple hardware or software failure does not cause a large disconnect between systems and to provide the most efficient path between endpoints which reducing the occurrence of call collisions in an effort to provide the best possible user experience.


The DMRX Map is generated automatically based on data observed on the network by DMRX Watch within the last 30 days. It is updated once a day and shows the pertinent repeater configuration data along with the talkgroups available on that repeater based on historical usage.