The DMRX Core was a pair of redundant cBridge devices dedicated to transporting talkgroups to and from other cBridges which provide connectivity to repeaters. The goal was the core is to ensure that a simple hardware or software failure does not cause a large disconnect between systems and to provide the most efficient path between endpoints which reduces the occurrence of call collisions and such.

Talkgroups No Longer Provided

Opinions of the masses posted on Facebook and that their view of DMRx is no longer an effective resource for distributing TalkGroups and called for re-engineering.

I was suprised that before a constructive request to increase the server resources or bandwidth that the community expressed interest in re-engineering a replacement for DMRx. It turns out that effort became our exit from serving the DMR community.

After 6 years of serving the DMR Community it was time to get out of the way of those whom desire to replace DMRx, the DMRx admin decided to contribute to the re-engineering effort by getting out of the way. A planned Shutdown was announced.

After midnight on the 2nd of May, 2020 DMRx servers stopped providing connectivity to Talkgroup sources. It appears that the re-engineering effort is sucessful as there is little or no traffic on the DMRx Network.

There are a few lingering connections that their C-Bridge administrators will need to redirect to the new re-engineered sources.

It had been fun, it had been alot of work, it had been a considerable investment and it has benefited untold thousands of amateur radio operators over the last six years. Best of all are the relationships that were made to last longer than DMRx would.

Name ID LID Source/Donor Distribution Available on
Audio Meter 9999 99 NORCAL-DMRX Worldwide Y
Bridge 3100 33 DCI Worldwide Y
California 3106 96 DCI North America N
Comm 1 3777215 15 DCI Worldwide N
Comm 2 3777216 16 DCI Worldwide N
Georgia 3113 80 K4USD Network North America N
Massachusetts 3125 94 MIT North America Y
Michigan 3126 92 Great Lakes DMR North America Y
New Hampshire 3133 95 Massachusetts Interconnect Team (MIT) North America Y
Ohio 3139 93 CODIG North America Y
Parrot 9998 98 DMRX Worldwide N
Pennsylvania 3142 79 DCI North America Y
TAC 1 8951 51 DCI Worldwide N
TAC 2 8952 52 DMRX Worldwide N
TAC 3 8953 53 DMRX Worldwide N
TAC 310 310 30 DCI North America Y
TAC 311 311 31 DCI North America Y
TAC 312 312 32 DCI North America Y
TAC 313 313 23 DMRX North America N
TAC 314 314 34 DMRX North America N
TAC 315 315 35 DMRX North America N
TAC 316 316 36 DMRX North America N
TAC 317 317 37 DMRX North America N
TAC 318 318 38 DMRX North America N
TAC 319 319 39 DMRX North America N
Tennessee 3147 97 VolNET North America Y
Washington 3153 91 DCI North America N
Data 100 DMRX Worldwide N

Configuration Fields

Bridge Group: Bridge Group to which this link belongs.

Link ID: LID number for this talkgroup as provided on the table above.

Primary Control Center: Always configured to "".

Secondary Control Center: Always configured to "".

Descriptive Label: Locally used description for this talk group.

Configuration Example

Below is an image which demonstrates how to configure an Outbound CC link to the DMRX core. In this particular example, we are configuring a link for the Parrot talkgroup.